We have a group of professionally trained personnel in charging of the MIG machines to ensure the products are all in high-quality condition before proceeding to the next stage of the process.


Multi-Crane are one of our most frequently used facilities, it helps us in transferring heavy equipment from sections to sections without engaging too many manpower on the ground. Also, reduce the chances of product damage due to human error and accident occur. Which support up to 5 tons of load and height 24 ft. Adjustable overload protection device is also installed in the feed system.



– Specially designed independent spindle structure ensures the maximum heat dissipation and brings down the heat distortion.

-The unique design brings high precision, high rigidity and low noise performance in turning.

-Automatic 3- step gearbox with the inverter is standard spindle drive, while servo motor drives as optional.

-The optional tech-in function of lathe machine makes the quick and simple setup, programming and easy to operate.


In NTL Master we favor the most suitable machines to produce the best quality products. We insist this is the way to ensure our products in the outstanding condition. Our laser cutting machine provides our customer the high-quality precision cutting, also unlimited design freedom. With laser cutting machine we can efficiently produce any customize applications and accomplish between the short period of time frame. Also, enable us to produce the large application competently.


This system is for cutting, weld preparation and marking with advanced plasma technology. The structure of the machine is advanced design. It has an interactive function: The Chinese character interface and graph combines with data. It is easy to operate and works well for a long time. The software designs reasonable cutting inlet and outlet to assure the cutting quality. After cutting, the parameters can be saved as a processing file to attain database. This machine also provides a function of axis check to measure the pipe elasticity or error finish the dynamic compensation automatically. It can do oxygen cutting or plasma cutting according to our demand.