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Amphibious Excavator and Excavator Attachments

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Long Arm

NTL Master is competence in designing and manufacturing super long reach. Now, with our super long reach, business partner can increase their job performance and efficiency. NTL Mater super long reach can help you to accomplish more than 50 % burrowing profundity and forward reach over a standard a boom, sparing you significant cost and time and boosting your primary concern. Also, to maximize the business partner interest, our super long reach (boom and stick) is only built from high tensile steel. We supply long reach for different excavator models.


NTL Master manufactures a diverse range of bucket for the different type of working environment.  Regardless of the standard bucket or customized bucket, we promised to deliver the best quality product within the time-frame with competitive price. Our buckets only made from the best materials, ensuring the product are maintained in highly durable and solid standard.


NTL Master Amphibious Excavator is specifically designed to maneuver in the river, swampy area and soft terrain with the ability to float on water as an added safety feature. Which is also completely self-propelled, it can travel in all terrains with a very minimum supporting equipment. In NTL Master we have the most qualified specialist in designing the customized attachments to encounter difficult terrain where the traditional excavators are not able to.

Optional Features: Supplementary pontoons can be added on each side to increase its stability in deeper water.

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